Special Needs Transportation Courses

NAPT's CSNT (Certifiication - Special Needs Transportation) program was created nearly 10 years ago to encourage professionals involved in student transportation to enhance their knowledge about transporting students with disabilities and special needs and promote excellent leadership skills for the community of transportation personnel serving children of all ages with special needs.

NAPT is committed to the continued enhancement of our educational courses and the industry's only professional certification programs. 

NAPT PDS 800 Series Course Titles & Descriptions

801: Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
This course serves as the introductory course for the series of five Transporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs courses. It highlights laws, policies and best practice procedures regarding students with disabilities and special needs including: pre-school, head start, school age, nonpublic, charter school and homeless students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition, this class focuses on understanding the specific characteristics of children with disabilities and special needs and how those characteristics may impact their school bus ride. Hot topics and best practices are presented and discussed. This course is a recommended prerequisite to NAPT PDS 802, 803, 804 and 805.
802: Positioning, Seating & Securing of Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
This course emphasizes the importance of proper positioning, seating and securement in providing safe school bus transport for students with disabilities and special needs. Participants will learn how to determine when passengers are in need of additional occupant restraint or specialized seating or positioning and how to implement best practice guidelines as well as comply with Federal, State and local regulations in this area. Preschool students will be a focus due to their need for additional occupant restraint and procedural supports throughout their transportation experience. When it comes to seating, one size doesn’t fit all. Appropriate team decision-making for the selection, fit, and use of child safety restraint systems for children of all ages will be presented. This course will also pay special attention to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process, and the importance of case-review by qualified personnel.

803: Specialized Equipment on the School Bus
This course reviews the vital role of school bus specialized equipment and related best practice procedures in the safe transport of children with disabilities and special needs of all ages. Participants will learn how to determine when specialized equipment, accommodations or modifications are needed for the school bus environment to meet individual developmental and healthcare needs in the least restrictive manner. A review of commonly used specialized equipment and supports will be completed while taking into account the entire transportation experience from bus stop to drop-off, loading/unloading, proper securement of student adaptive equipment and mobility aides, daily in-bus supports and those needed in an emergency evacuation. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) decision-making process, school bus staff ratios (driver and attendant) and documentation of individualized transportation plans in order to maximize school bus safety will be a focus.
804: Products, Services & Equipment Options for Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
This course stresses the importance of exploring the school bus marketplace. Each individual completing this course is required to complete an onsite assignment. Individuals may take this course at the NAPT Trade Show or at a pre-approved State Association Conference with a Trade Show. Each participant must attend a 15-minute course orientation where materials will be disseminated. In order to receive course credit, vendors must be visited and products reviewed, and the NAPT assignment worksheet must be returned for review.
805: Supporting Safe Behavior on the School Bus for Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
In order to plan for a safe school bus ride, this course addresses the individual behavioral differences of various student disability categories under the IDEA and special needs addressed under Section 504. The role of the driver and attendant is discussed along with the allowable use of child safety restraint systems to address unsafe behavior on the school bus. Understanding the rules pertaining to discipline under the IDEA will also be presented.
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